Think and Grow Rich

Here’s a summary of all the Law of Attraction books, the Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, the Master Key System books, the programmes by Bob Proctor and others, that might save you a bit of time. At least this is my current interpretation.

The Universe (or God if you’re religious) loves you unconditionally. In fact it is Love. In fact everything is Love. You are a part of this love; you are this Love. There is no separation between you and this Universe, this God. You and this God are identical (that’ll be blasphemous to the more fundamentalist among you).

Because of your True Identity (not the little you, the Big You) you have power undreamt of.

You need four qualities to exercise this power:

1 A Burning Desire to manifest something.
2 Complete Faith that the above is true.
3 A Plan to carry it out.
4 Persistence.

Some caveats:

1 If the Burning Desire is the working of your selfish little ego, you’ll be fooling yourself.

2 Faith is not belief. As a matter of fact faith and belief have a reciprocal relationship: The more you need to believe something, the less faith you have. People with the strongest religious beliefs have the weakest faith. One doesn’t have faith in a particular belief. One just has (or hasn’t) faith. In fact if I have complete faith I can spell it with a capital letter, Faith. Finally, faith is a capacity that is developed with practice. (Remember the 10,000 hours.)

3 You have to have a plan. As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, trust in God, and do the legwork. Week after week the Rabbi Isaac prayed to God that he would win the lottery. This went on for months, but no luck. Eventually God lost his patience, and in a booming voice cried down from heaven, ‘Isaac, Isaac, meet me half-way, buy a ticket!’
4 Persistence will test your faith. In fact that is how your faith is honed and developed.
5 Don’t waste time or energy on frippery. That doesn’t mean don’t play, just be sure you’re not avoiding.