Looking for a Brand New Start

To quote Van Morrison, ‘I’m lookin’ for brand new start…’ It’s been almost a year since my last post. I suppose I just wandered off, not knowing whether I believed any of the stuff I wrote before. But I reckon I’ll give it another crack and see what comes out.   I deleted ‘Self-Development’ from the title of the blog, because I’m not sure if that’s just more of the same old effort to change ourselves, improve ourselves, transcend ourselves, in an effort to make ourselves worthy of something. Which implies that we are now unworthy, and in need of improvement.

This is not to say that we don’t feel our lives are not working. That’s certainly many people’s experience.

But if it turns out that the very feeling of something lacking is the problem, then efforts to improve ourselves just reinforce that feeling. It may be that things are alright exactly as they are, but we don’t see it. This is one of the major themes I plan to develop, and I’ll put flesh on the bones of it over the coming weeks…