A Rant

I’m really beginning to despair of the human species. From a population of 350 million people the best the USA can come up with is Mitt Romney, who will basically buy his way into the White House. They’re still killing each other by the tens of thousands each year with guns, although they can regulate how much paracetamol you can buy.

The bankers have ruined the economy and told lies to make money, and yet they can resign and still walk away with millions.

We’re fighting some stupid war in Afghanistan (about the fifth invasion of that country in a hundred and fifty years) to ‘keep the streets of Britain safe’. Please.

David Cameron is in bed with Newscorp, and pretends he didn’t know what was going on. The Metropolitan Police are lending out their horses to Rebekah Brooks.

The Olympic athletes are as doped up to the eyeballs as they ever were, and everyone pretends they don’t notice that half the women all look like men.

And all the inane commentators can ask is ‘how does it FEEL to be a champion?’, while all the athletes themselves are mired in narcissism, selfishness and ego-centrism, subjugating 10 ten or more years of their precious lives to coming first, second or third. All of which the big sports companies have commandeered.

The pharmaceutical industry, with the collusion of a gullible medical profession is peddling cholesterol busters, anti-hypertensives, antidepressants, and lansoprazole for your stomach to everyone over 40, on top of the aspirin our species seems to have forgotten to need in its evolutionary journey here. Some idiot has eve suggested a ‘superpill’ with some of the above to be given to everyone over 50. What kind of madness is this?

Meanwhile the food industry successfully blocked European governments from having a Traffic Light warning system on packaging so they can continue to shove refined sugar down our necks, while successfully misleading us that fat is the problem, again with the medical profession colluding.

Lastly, the emergence of the total dominance of the Materialist Reductionist Militant Atheistic worldview within academia is one of the most worrying developments. Of course it’s time the mythic religions were side-lined, and Islam needs to be brought into the 21st century, but to replace them with a shitty nihilistic, nay-saying secularism, that reduces the grief you feel over the loss of a loved one to chemicals in your brain, or the beauty of mathematics and art and philosophy to some adaptation of our ancestors to survival on the savannah, is ridiculous. And what is worse, the purveyors of this dross don’t even see how ridiculous these reductionist ‘explanations’ are.

And on the other side are the credulous New Agers who will believe gullibly any crap they are told about angels and crystals and chakra cleansing, with out the need for any kind of evidence. Don’t get me wrong, I like angels and crystals and chakras, but we need to see them in their proper context, and we need open ourselves to testing their validity as metaphors, or entities or facts.

And the scientists need to stop ignoring uncomfortable phenomena which threaten their worldview, such ad Near Death Experiences, or Out of Body Experiences or psi phenomena.

My friend Jamie recently observed that all the fine work we have done over the past 2 thousand years, getting us to the point where we have ended slavery, have some equal rights for women, some respect for minorities and gays, and relative freedom for some of us (apart from the voluntary slavery to the man, in the form of ‘the Mortgage’, and our obsession with consumer goods, and endless updates on the iPhone and the iPad.), could end in a few years. If we allow the powerful the exercise their greed, and their power-lust unchallenged, we could be in big trouble in a very short time.

All this work could easily be undone in a generation if enough of us don’t change the level of consciousness from which we operate. And we better get a move on. Another World War could kick off in the blink of an eye. And I’m neither a pessimist nor a doom monger.