My Big Theory Of Everything: Thomas Campbell

I have recently read the My Big TOE trilogy (MBT) by Thomas Campbell, a respected physicist and it is FABULOUS! For someone who believes, or would like to believe, that a Universal Consciousness interconnects, creates and continuously evolves all existence, this is a book of such compelling wisdom that reading it requires a block of post-it-notes, several highlighters and very patient relatives….

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“Only the quality and depth of our consciousness is what matters…” This refers to the quality of an individual at their very core. Not what a person appears to be or how they behave on the surface but what they actually are inside….You evolve higher quality consciousness not through right action or result, but through right motivation and intent” Thomas Campbell, Author of My Big Toe

This version I read was in a large 800 page single volume trilogy, The 3 books are also available separately and are called AwakeningDiscovery, and Inner Workings. 

Starting with the theory that consciousness is the foundation of all being, MBT makes the paradoxes of quantum physics, being and our infinitely expanding and self-programming universe explainable to everyone. This fascinating book weaves together science, spirituality, consciousness, love, values and paranormal experiences such as the out of body experience into a complete unified theory of absolutely everything in a way that leaves room for beliefs such as a universal love consciousness, or as Campbell calls is ‘Absolute Unbounded Oneness’ (AUO), or if you prefer the existence of God.

Campbell puts this larger reality onto a solid footing by combining Quantum Physics with his own ability to enter the single point consciousness awareness state through meditation (the point of fundamental consciousness) and using this, and his scientific knowledge as the basis for the understanding that the connectedness of all beings is the fundamental nature of consciousness. Campbell explored consciousness and reality through his work as a physicist and consciousness researcher at the Monroe Institute, the worlds most respected research centre for the Out of Body Experience (OBE). Through meditation and later exploring methods such as Binaural Brainwave techniques Campbell was able to access a dual state of conscious awareness where he was able to perform high level functions simultaneously in both Physical Reality (PR) and Non Physical Reality (NPR). His awareness later developed further enabling him to continuously see ‘energy’ such as auras within this state of dual awareness, something that is difficult to achive for prolonged periods.

In book one, ‘Awakening’ the author described his spontaneous childhood out of body experiences and Shaman like journeys before the door closed on them in his later childhood.  This door was reopened again by meditation. A familiar pattern to me as is the  ‘re-opening’ of other PSI experiences.

The foundation of Campbell’s theory is that (AUO) is the primary consciousness and that individual beings are derivative consciousnesses within a digital pattern of being and evolution which he describes as a hologram or a 3D digital fractal. According to Campbell’s theory, personal identity is simply a consciousness that has evolved as a result of all the choices (intents) a person has made in conjunction with all the people and objects with whom that person has interacted. The result is a continuously expanding array of unactualized (past), present and projected (future) states or probabilities. In other words our choices manifest a continuously expanding and unfolding happening. Moreover, we get to live with what we as consciousnesses collectively create. Or as Campbell puts it “Team Earth succeeds or fails together”

This leads Campbell to the conclusion that ‘God’ is the father of all fractals. He hypothesises that solar systems, galaxies and human bodies all evolve through the same natural pattern. Life, the universe and every form of being and existence starts from any point (no beginning or end) each self evolves its existence in a continuous pattern of processes. Darwinian mechanics followed this same process to populate the world with diverse life forms. All forms of existence follow an identical pattern, biology, (cells) molecules, (chemistry) and atoms (physics). Time and space time all execute their own version of that same basic model within their unactualised past, present and future probabilities. If we consider that the big picture is a consciousness driven fractal image. We are a repetition of all that is within us and all that exists that we have interacted with. In the really big picture this theory extends into artificial digital intelligence, for example the internet and the intelligent computers of the future (already being developed by IBM) although in my view the evolution of technology as part of the consciousness AUO system can only ever be an extension of human sentient intelligence. In a digital conscious reality everything that can be conceived is possible including those things that have not yet even been imagined. Even considering a new idea brings the possibility of this happening into consciousness and its potential realisation into the fractal process.

The awareness that all beings are interconnected puts the onus on all aware individuals to improve their overall consciousness in order to ensure that ‘team earth survives’ as Campbell puts it. This rests on the ability of individuals to understand that right motivation and intent (selfless actions motivated by love and not self interest). According to Campbell ‘right intent’ is what moves individual consciousness to higher quality states. This puts the interests of the Absolute Unabounded Oneness (AUO) above that of the individuals own ego.

In Campbells view: “The primary hallmark of a poor quality consciousness is self-centeredness. Beings with low or no ego have the highest quality consciousness and the greatest personal power, this means the power to take charge of your life, find satisfaction and fulfilment and to lead and inspire others. Also…Love – highly evolved consciousness is Love, as you increase the quality of your consciousness you increase your capacity for unconditional love”

I found the following paragraphs from My Big Toe to be of particular significance:

Developing spiritually is much more about raising the individual quality of consciousness than accumulating knowledge. What matters most is the development of wisdom, understanding and the capacity to love and synthesising your experience into larger and larger perspectives until everything is seen to be interactive and part of everything else. Right intents and choices help us improve the quality of our being.” As a foot note to exploring your own consciousness Campbell also says “PSI  should not be your end goal, it is a benefit of a path well-travelled”

“The journey starts with exploring your consciousness through meditation and not intellectual achievements. The first ingredient is a sincere desire to grow the quality of your own consciousness and second you must have the courage to change- the courage to face your fears. Meditation requires an inner attentiveness, where you become aware of your own personal consciousness as a unit amongst many consciousnesses. Becoming aware of your consciousness at a fundamental level will eventually lead you to the ‘real’ you, the whole you and the sacred you. In order to develop consciousness you must first become acquainted with that consciousness”

“To that end, we must engage our free will to move us away from lower-energy-consciousness states (ignorance, fear, ego) toward higher-energy-consciousness states (knowledge, wisdom, love The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge.”

With the above in mind it seems that science often prefers to dismiss the facts it cannot explain. By believing what is ‘delusional’ is real, and what is ‘real’ is delusional scientists have boxed themselves into a corner of reality that does not provide the answers and is nowhere near to producing a credible theory of being. In Campbell’s theory, consciousness and evolution are the basic mediums from which reality is formed, the fundamental ‘non material’ of material existence. His explanation suggests that the reason Einstein failed to create a unified theory of existence was because in creating a small picture theory based on mathematics, he missed the fact that the bigger picture fundamental field is non-physical. Taking this further, Campbell’s theory suggests that the current basis of scientific understanding is the reverse of the reality we perceive. To put this into context science believes the physical body (brain) ‘hallucinates’ a consciousness, when what we really are is a consciousness ‘hallucinating’ a physical body.

In his later work, Campbell is a systems consultant to NASA. Campbell began his career as a physicist researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe, an author and businessman credited with popularizing the term “out-of-body experience” through his writing and later the Monroe institute.

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