Heaven and Earth

Richard Long, Flint Cross 2012

Connecting what is made by man in natures materials into living life forms honours the living, changing, creative and beautiful, the Heaven on Earth, what was given by nature, creator of the highest order, for me the most beautiful kind of art…

And…since we have discussed poetry and music I thought It was time to introduce some art. I have chosen the work in this post as examples of how art can be used for contemplation. I especially like the work of Andy Goldworthy because it is usually exhibited outside. His chosen materials are often wood, twigs and leaves and can be incorporated into living trees.

Land art is an art movement in which landscape and the art itself work in symbiosis with the environment and the choice of materials. The work of both Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long bears silent witness to Shamanism although references to ancient tribal practices have not been mentioned on either of these artists websites. Richard Long favours stone in his work and Andy Goldsworthy uses both wood and stone although I have chosen to represent his work with trees here. Both artists have installations at the Yorkshire Sculpture park, and both exhibit around the world. Enjoy the artwork below:

Andy Goldsworthy, Tree Art

Richard Long, West wind circle

Richard Long, Seine circle

Andy Goldsworthy, Woven Branches

Andy Goldsworthy, The waters edge