Art, Consciousness and Reality: the work of Tomás Saraceno

Those interested in consciousness the cosmos, multiverses, cell formations, neural communication networks, and the joining up of things into complex geometries which seem to allude to otherworldly dimensions, will appreciate these dizzying spatial illusions created by the Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno. In his work, which is as unique as it is profound, Saraceno attempts to convey multiple versions of perceived reality which are each created according to the observers unique perspective.

For me there was a very particular personal interest in seeing this work back in August while on a work related trip to New York. As a child I had created similar miniature versions of Saraceno’s work in order to try and express my own thoughts on the endlessness of being and infinity, a failed project which started off with 2 mirrors at each end of our family bathroom and eventually became a collection of mirrors and later a mirror ‘football’….

So it was with childish glee that I set off to see Tomas Saraceno, Cloud City on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art early one August evening. The exhibit was made all the more powerful with the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline simultaneously outside and inside  (reflected) in the exhibit along with the multiple reflections of the observer(s), even more profound were the ‘missing’ mirrors which instead of reflecting the skyline behind the exhibit ‘framed’ a unique to the observer snapshot of the view.

Sarenceno clearly shows how reality is brought into realization according to the observers view point. Whether it be looking out of a window or arguing with a friend, the reality of any object, situation or relationship is entirely dependent on the first person point of view. In other words every observable thing has as many realities as there are consciousness’s observing or experiencing it, regardless of what those life forms may be. For the more scientifically inclined the many-minds interpretation of quantum mechanics (a variation on the many worlds interpretation). Here, the distinction between worlds (reality) is made by the mind of an individual observer, this was later called the many or multi-consciousness interpretation. Wikipedia

Tomás Saraceno was born in 1973 in Tucuman / Argentina. He currently lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Previous works include “Cloud Cities”, most recently featured at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, a collection of geometric, inflated shapes that challenge our notions of space, place, gravity and future.

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