Mooji….and thoughts on Enlightenment

You are the Master; the Mind is your servant, this is the correct relationship- Mooji

A friend sent me this Mooji video, called eternally home. What is wonderful about the video is thosewho find themselves in the state that this spiritually suffering man describes are so close to awakening, although they may believe themselves to be far away. This reaching out in desperation is screaming to God to disentangle the soul from all the objects that mind has put in the way of enlightenment……the beautiful thing is that he does not realize how very close he is. Mooji  dismantles all the illusions obscuring realization, and put in place by his subject’s intellectual consciousness to the point where awakening occurred.  I was relieved to see Mooji talk his devotee through all the fears that arise during realization as the mind wrestles for control because it does not know what is happening. The spark of my awakening occurred during a short guided meditation although I had no idea what this was at the time. Realization occurred on my own in a hotel room following a potentially fatal car incident in Shanghai,  China. This was followed by a very profound spiritual experience where every illusion that I believed to be true spontaneously collapsed around me and I was put in the position of being face to face with God, along with all actions in my life where I had denied my true convictions by failing to act with the right intent. It is not an experience to have on your own without someone in your life who understands and has experienced the ineffable at a deeply profound level. The love, gratitude, peace and deep faith realization brings could not be exchanged for any material wealth, although perhaps there is no reason that these things cannot exist side by side if Divine will wishes it.

This video should be watched intently, The separation this man describes (and in my own experience) can make you feel like the most spiritually isolated person, in a world which is so spiritually impoverished that it feels like a complete misfortune to have to exist on the planet…… What is also lovely about this Satsang is that the subject of the letter appeared to come to a realization during the conversation with Mooji, realizing that he was already ‘eternally home’. My sincere wish is that this man found joy in his existence and the lasting peace which he had clearly sought for so long.

In my personal experience through meditation, prayer and grace is that all can be overcome along with the ‘thank God’ realization, there is no need to do anything, other than surrender. The existence of the self as the eternal being just takes care of itself, and as Mooji puts it….”The Self is the Master, the Mind is the servant, that is the correct relationship. In the space I am in now I believe things will always arise is our lives to threaten mind, if only to test the spirit….physical threats, loss of a loved one, and momentary panic when thoughts simply take over. I believe now that these should just be accepted and understood as what arises in mind within this, the given moment. All we can do as the self is observe the mind…Identify what threatens us, let it take its course, and observe it benevolently as the self. Once the spirit has overcome ‘mind’ The self will take over, once the mind has had its mad 5 minutes….for this is what we are. A yoga teacher I had once said that his realization came to him when watching the River Ganges in India. (where I am now as it happens) He said as he watched the river over a period of weeks he noticed that it was always the same river with the same source regardless of what it was carrying. In India this can be a lot of mud after rain, dead bodies and all manner of disease that arises from lack of sanitation in many areas….but at its souce the river is always the same….

Here is a shortened version of the letter written to Mooji, It may help to have the words transcribed as they are here, useful for contemplation and meditation. “Unwillingly I suddenly know I exist…. how can I blame my parents, for they know not that they have given birth to a child that hates existing more than anything else…born as a wind and free as the wind caught in a web, a container bounded by conditions……Oh Master may thou showest me that the wind was never born and never bounded.  Oh master may thou showest me I am the space in which wind comes and goes….I am both here and not here and beyond. I have always felt a wanderer like a little child lost in the woods …..I feel the pain and separation that always lingers in the background. Desiring to end separation….. A raging flame has arisen deep within my heart…..for I have always enjoyed the deep sleep state where I do not know I exist, o master I seek eternity….”- Read  by Mooji

My own thoughts on Mooji until very recently were quite dismissive although I quite liked his videos. I wrongly assumed him to another Eastern Guru sitting on his rock…with no knowledge of the life I occupy, which shows how wrong I was. In fact although Mooji is Jamaican he has lived in Brixton, a troubled area of London (UK)London also happens to be my home town. His spiritual story also resonated deeply with me, although later Mooji became a disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja his spiritual life started with a life changing encounter with a Christian mystic. This encounter brought him through prayer into the direct experience of Divine Grace which brought about mystical insights and experiences along with a deep urge to surrender completely to divine will and to live a life of quiet simplicity, surrendering to peace and the will of God as it manifested spontaneously within him which is more or less the place I find myself in now and the space I occupy when Grace allows it to be so.

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