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(In progress) This page is an A to Z of all site content, with a link to articles on popular topics and teachings. The link provides a range of articles that are either about this topic or contain a reference to it within the context of another topic. It can be useful to read some of the(…)

My Big Theory of Everything: A Review by Alan Mann

I was introduced to this work of Thomas Campbell and his work by Fiona, who contributes to this blog as Fiona1968, her review can be found here:  My big theory of everything I met Fiona at a gathering in Salisbury U.K. for those interested in the work of the late British philosopher and spiritual teacher Douglas(…)

The thinking universe: Interconnected consciousness

This article appeared recently in the Huffington post and is a simplified version of the theory put forward by the physicist and consciousness researcher Thomas Campbell in his book My Big Theory of Everything. See Link The idea of the universe as a ‘giant brain’ has been proposed by scientists and science fiction writers – for decades, now physicists say(…)

Greg Goode: Enlightenment and the ‘direct path’

The work of Greg Goode was recently described as ‘a massive turning point’ by a member of the  No-Facebook page. So I decided to take a look…Very recently I have said on this blog that I only believe that true non-dualism is achievable during meditation, well I was wrong based on Greg Goode’s view of(…)

Awakening: Looking at yourself

On the topic of awakening and enlightenment, I felt it may be useful to share something very simple…..Myself and others who use this blog are familiar with this and similar practices. I was ‘awakened’ by a simple meditation in a room with a person who took me through an inward focus exercise. This simple practice(…)

What is self? A journey with the Christian mystic Bernadette Roberts

With extracts from an article written by Alan Mann ‘Eternity comes clad in the guise of the present moment.’ I was introduced to the work of Bernadette Roberts by Alan Mann, who I met at a Douglas Harding gathering in the UK this summer. Alan’s thoughts on Bernadette Roberts follow a little background information and(…)

The Pre-Trans Fallacy (continued)

By Fiona1968 This outlines the Trans Rational Theory as seen in the video Joe has posted. I would like to point out that this contradicts what the late British Philosopher Douglas Harding has to say on the subject. His view is that Children and Animals exist in constant enlightenment. Not that this makes him right,(…)

A Journey: Religions of the World by D.E Harding

Anyone interested in developing their spiritual practice, or simply wishing to open their mind to the vast array of tales and teachings offered by the world’s great religions will, as I did very much enjoy this book. Whatever your level of spiritual understanding, reading this book can only deepen your appreciation of religion, faith or(…)

All Else is Bondage (Wei Wu Wei)

Reproduced from the book Terence James Stannus Gray (14 September 1895 – 5 January 1986), better known by the pen name Wei Wu Wei (a Taoist term, meaning ‘Action that is Non-Action’), was a 20th century Taoist philosopher and writer. He translated Hubert Benoit’s The Supreme Doctrine, and knew Douglas Harding. Terence James Stannus Gray(…)

Integral Thinking: Consciousness and the Cosmos

As a very young child I had a fascination with the ‘being’ of all thoughts and things and the apparent endlessness of everything. It was a topic that I spent hours pondering on in silence from around the age of 4. For reasons I can’t explain I have always held a belief in the interconnectedness(…)

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