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Where Jesus Meets Brahman

Where Jesus Meets Brahman

Following my recent trip to Mumbai, I noticed that Western Christians may have a lot to learn from our Christian brothers and sisters in India and their Spiritual practice of ‘Interculturation’, a wonderful Myriad of Indian customs and beliefs interwoven into Christianity. When Christ himself appeared totally opposed to organized religion, why is it that(…)

Anthony de Mello: Christian teachings in Eastern form

On a recent long flight I read 2 books by Anthony de Mello, ‘Sadhana: The path to God’, and ‘The way to love’ These fabulous books weave Christianity together with a myriad of spiritual teachings and are very enlightening and inclusive in thier approach. The word Sadhana can be translated from the Hindi to English as(…)

A to Z of Contents

(In progress) This page is an A to Z of all site content, with a link to articles on popular topics and teachings. The link provides a range of articles that are either about this topic or contain a reference to it within the context of another topic. It can be useful to read some of the(…)