Christian Mysticism

Non Duality: Meditations on the Aramaic Lords Prayer

I have become interested in discovering the original meaning and purpose of the Lords Prayer as a way of deepening my own understanding of the non-dual teachings of Jesus, and what I believe to be the Shamanic roots of Judo-Christianity along with the practices of unity, light working, prophecy and healing….One very recent and interesting(…)

The Image of God in You

This is a lovely article by a friend of mine, below is a brief extract. If you are interested in Christian Spirituality you may like to visit Wayne’s blog. Christ IS the image of God in us and, at the same time, He is the image of God in which we – and, indeed, all things – are said to have been created. To recognize this(…)

Anthony de Mello: Christian teachings in Eastern form

On a recent long flight I read 2 books by Anthony de Mello, ‘Sadhana: The path to God’, and ‘The way to love’ These fabulous books weave Christianity together with a myriad of spiritual teachings and are very enlightening and inclusive in thier approach. The word Sadhana can be translated from the Hindi to English as(…)

What is self? A journey with the Christian mystic Bernadette Roberts

With extracts from an article written by Alan Mann ‘Eternity comes clad in the guise of the present moment.’ I was introduced to the work of Bernadette Roberts by Alan Mann, who I met at a Douglas Harding gathering in the UK this summer. Alan’s thoughts on Bernadette Roberts follow a little background information and(…)

Come with me to the Palace of Nowhere

“Come with me to the Palace of Nowhere, where all the many things are one” A friend recently gave me a copy of the Path to the Palace of Nowhere by James Finley, a student of Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, author, and student of Zen. The writing of Thomas Merton asks us the fundamental(…)