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Art, Consciousness and Reality: the work of Tomás Saraceno

Those interested in consciousness the cosmos, multiverses, cell formations, neural communication networks, and the joining up of things into complex geometries which seem to allude to otherworldly dimensions, will appreciate these dizzying spatial illusions created by the Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno. In his work, which is as unique as it is profound, Saraceno attempts to(…)

Cormac McCarthy: Excerpt from ‘The Crossing’

Warning: If you have not read this book and don’t want to know how the story about the wolf ends, do not read this. If you have, or don’t mind knowing, read on. Please note that there are no typos in the excerpt, which is reproduced exactly as written. I sat in the garden in(…)

The importance of Showing Up

Some time ago I read an excellent book entitled Creative Authenticity: 16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen Your Artistic Vision by Ian Roberts. Only one of the principles has stayed with me, and obviously for me it is the most important: Showing Up. Never mind about talent or technique, the most important thing is to(…)

Patience: The Lake of Beauty by Edward Carpenter

Irvine, Scotland, taken by my friend Jamie Glenday. See his Facebook pages for more great photys. The Lake of Beauty Let your mind be quiet, realising the beauty of the world, and the immense the boundless treasures that it holds in store. All that you have within you, all that your heart desires, all that(…)

Heaven and Earth

Connecting what is made by man in natures materials into living life forms honours the living, changing, creative and beautiful, the Heaven on Earth, what was given by nature, creator of the highest order, for me the most beautiful kind of art… And…since we have discussed poetry and music I thought It was time to(…)

For Those of Us Who are Orphaned

The view across Dublin Bay from my mother’s house, where I grew up. My late mother’s estate in Dublin is just about wrapped up, and the house is gone. My father died 20 years ago. I am in England now and the strings are severed. Lately I’ve been wondering about how all the worries and(…)

‘The One’ by Patrick Kavanagh

  The One Green, blue, yellow and red- God is down in the swamps and marshes Sensational as April and almost incred- ible the flowering of our catharsis. A humble scene in a backward place Where no one important ever looked The raving flowers looked up in the face Of the One and the Endless,(…)

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Fiona’s recent incident in China where her life was threatened by a lunatic driver (comment 11 August 2012 to Douglas Harding Continued), and her response to the threat, has resonated deeply with me. Less dramatically, I regularly meet situations which show the shallowness of my understanding. I can wax eloquent about ‘oneness’ and ‘living in(…)

Van Morrison: Mystic songwriter. Hymns to the Silence

Van Morrison has a vast repertoire of music. Most people seem to know only Brown Eyed Girl and Moondance. I addition to more regular Rhythm and Blues and Soul he has a large number of spiritually inspired numbers. I listen to these for a wonderful experience of depth and pathos. I am linking some of(…)

Patrick Kavanagh, Irish Poet

I find that good poetry is an excellent subject for meditation. In the Christian contemplative tradition there is what is known as Lectio Divina, Divine Reading. This has four parts: Lectio, the reading of the text; Meditatio, meditating on it; Oratio, praying on it; and finally Contemplatio, contemplating it. For me the process is of(…)

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