Religion and Philosophy

Black Holes to the Rescue

This month’s Scientific American (August 2012, pp 22-27) has an interesting article entitled The Benevolence of Black Holes. The article is interesting from a scientific point of view, and is another example of the so-called Goldilocks’ phenomenon. In this case the size of the particular black hole at the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy(…)

Douglas Harding Continued

Thanks Fiona. I went to one of Douglas’ workshops about 10 years ago. At that time he was profoundly deaf and this severely limited his capacity to participate. Nevertheless, I was aware that I was in the company of someone who, in time, will probably be considered on of the greatest mystics of the past several(…)

See your self through your single eye

Open your single eye to yourself, the world, the universe and beyond…with thanks to the late Douglas Harding, whose teaching helped me find myself. According to the gospel of St Thomas,’there is light within a light man and it lights up the whole world’. (Douglas Harding, Head off Stress) We simply need to ‘look at(…)

5 a.m. Clarity

The following needs to be interpreted with the understanding that I have not had the experience of non-dual awareness, or perhaps that I do not recognise that I have it. Non-dual awareness might be defined briefly as the realisation that I and the World are not separate, that You and I are not separate, or(…)

Where all the ladders start.

I’m reading this great book entitled ‘My Big TOE (Theory of Everything)’, by Thomas Campbell, and I highly recommend it. It is written by a hard-headed physicist who learned all sorts of weird stuff about Astral Travel and the Non-Physical Matter Reality (NPMR, in contrast to Physical Matter Reality, PMR), with Robert Monroe, the daddy(…)


That great juggernaut which is Science has demonstrated that we don’t really have free-will, that our so-called ‘decisions’ are made for us by unconscious parts of the brain a measurable time before we become aware of having made the choice. Moreover, we appear to actually rationalize a choice we made automatically, after the fact. The(…)

Can I say anything intelligent or meaningful?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself this past while. Let’s get this out there first: I’m not enlightened, and I still feel as separated and adrift as I have done since we were 14, when Padraic and Pearse and I first recognised that we were abandoned in Samsara, with no map, and all our(…)

Spiritual Life in a Scientific Age

I was trying to gather my thoughts about what it is I really want to say, like what’s the crux of it. What it came down to is that there’s a really bad need to get spiritual life back on the track it got kicked off with the rise of Modernity about a hundred years(…)

Think and Grow Rich

Here’s a summary of all the Law of Attraction books, the Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, the Master Key System books, the programmes by Bob Proctor and others, that might save you a bit of time. At least this is my current interpretation. The Universe (or God if you’re religious) loves(…)