Spirituality and Meditation

A Journey: Religions of the World by D.E Harding

Anyone interested in developing their spiritual practice, or simply wishing to open their mind to the vast array of tales and teachings offered by the world’s great religions will, as I did very much enjoy this book. Whatever your level of spiritual understanding, reading this book can only deepen your appreciation of religion, faith or(…)

5 a.m. Clarity

The following needs to be interpreted with the understanding that I have not had the experience of non-dual awareness, or perhaps that I do not recognise that I have it. Non-dual awareness might be defined briefly as the realisation that I and the World are not separate, that You and I are not separate, or(…)

Can I say anything intelligent or meaningful?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself this past while. Let’s get this out there first: I’m not enlightened, and I still feel as separated and adrift as I have done since we were 14, when Padraic and Pearse and I first recognised that we were abandoned in Samsara, with no map, and all our(…)

Spiritual Life in a Scientific Age

I was trying to gather my thoughts about what it is I really want to say, like what’s the crux of it. What it came down to is that there’s a really bad need to get spiritual life back on the track it got kicked off with the rise of Modernity about a hundred years(…)

Wet Evening in April

The birds sang in the wet trees And as I listened to them it was A hundred years from now, And I was dead and someone else was listening to them. But I was glad I had recorded for him the melancholy. Patrick Kavanagh, Irish poet.

My First Zen Retreat: Asleep at the Wheel

“Then Jesus cometh with them to a plot of land called Gethsemane; and he saith to his disciples, ‘Sit ye here, whilst I go yonder to pray’…and he cometh unto the disciples and findeth them asleep, and he saith to Peter, ‘Could ye not then watch one hour with me? Watch ye and pray, lest(…)

Silent Zen Retreat

Silent Zen Retreat On Saturday 8 June 2011, I’m going on a silent Zen retreat until Thursday 23 June. This will be my first long retreat. A few weeks ago I went for a weekend retreat, which was really just a taster. The silence was the easy part. Sitting still for half-hour periods, totalling about(…)

In a Nutshell

Everything I’m going to tell you boils down to a few simple ideas. Putting these ideas into practice is what takes the work, but the dividends paid, while not  always immediate, are enormous. Take responsibility for your own development. We don’t become better, happier people by just hoping for the best. Learn to meditate. An(…)