The Jain Temple Mumbai :Right belief, right conduct, right knowledge

The Jain Temple Mumbai :Right belief, right conduct, right knowledge

During my work related visit to Mumbai I visited the Jain temple in Mumbai one lunchtime,  a sacred space I have visited many as I have the good fortune to know an enlightened Jain friend who prays in this temple morning and evening on a daily basis. The friend is someone I have worked with in India(…)

Nature, beauty and gratitude

Louis Schwartzberg shoots the most amazing time lapse videos that must surely awaken even the most materialist heart. My personal belief is that spiritual enlightenment is simply the experience of our hearts reaching out to touch God in this one moment, and every moment as it arises. Natures beauty is one of many gifts to which(…)

Are we not all equal before God?

Are we not all equal before God?

“The true seer is one who sees the supreme lord seated equally in all beings- the Imperishable within the perishable” – The Bhagavad Gita I am grateful for what I have learnt from the day that was given to me today…. The first thing is that I am observing Mumbai from the privileged position of being(…)

The Image of God in You

This is a lovely article by a friend of mine, below is a brief extract. If you are interested in Christian Spirituality you may like to visit Wayne’s blog. Christ IS the image of God in us and, at the same time, He is the image of God in which we – and, indeed, all things – are said to have been created. To recognize this(…)

Anthony de Mello: Christian teachings in Eastern form

On a recent long flight I read 2 books by Anthony de Mello, ‘Sadhana: The path to God’, and ‘The way to love’ These fabulous books weave Christianity together with a myriad of spiritual teachings and are very enlightening and inclusive in thier approach. The word Sadhana can be translated from the Hindi to English as(…)

The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins

I was recently discussing the similarities between Shamanic journeying and Christianity with a friend. In my own spiritual practice the Falcon is an important symbol and guide, my friend suggested I read The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins (written May, 1877) My own interpretation of the Falcon is to ‘fly high’ be purposeful, to observe, learn(…)

Collaboration and Trust: The conscious Business and Workplace

Here is in interesting thought….What if the new paradigm for our places of work and business were not capitalism but consciousness? How would the world look if commerce, consciousness and creativity existed together in parallel? Everything is possible if people would only have the courage to act on their convictions….This is an edited and bolder version of(…)

My Big Theory of Everything: A Review by Alan Mann

I was introduced to this work of Thomas Campbell and his work by Fiona, who contributes to this blog as Fiona1968, her review can be found here:  My big theory of everything I met Fiona at a gathering in Salisbury U.K. for those interested in the work of the late British philosopher and spiritual teacher Douglas(…)

One-ness: Shamanism, Science and Christianity

To quote Einstein, who I would consider to be among the greatest of modern Shaman “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.” To me one of the most beautiful aspects of shamanism is that it is a true spiritual and scientific democracy, an understanding that everything is one, and of humankind’s(…)

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