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Heal....Transform....Experience Bliss, Love, Peace..........Ascend to Pure Consciousness

About the work that Roxane facilitates....

Clearing the Mental & Emotional Patterns


Mindbody healing modalities and Energy Medicine are used to prepare you for letting go the the beliefs and traumas that keep you from being Pure Consciousness and experiencing Bliss, Self Love, giving and receiving Love, Peace and Serenity



Plants have great healing powers and can facilitate your healing process of letting go of traumas, imbalances in the body that creates illnesses, and change your perceptions of the world by changing your Consciousness from ego driven Consciousness of Duality of judging everything right and wrong, good or bad, pleasure or pain to Pure Consciousness.  Pure Consciousness is the Awakened state.

Spiritual Journeys


Spiritual Journeys will take you from pain and suffering caused by programs and beliefs learned from conception forward as well as ancestral and society's patterns to liberating yourself into Pure Consciousness:  Bliss, Love, Peace, Non-Attachment.  


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The Path


Journeying has been done by the ancient ones.   Many tribes around the world have known the importance of communing with Spirit, healing the body, mind and emotions to raise the Consciousness and create a new world and relationships to all beings.  

The Sanctuary....the safe space to heal


I, along with my support staff, will create a safe container of high vibration so you can get the maximum from your journey by letting go and being.   


The Plants


The plants are living Spirits.  They carry great power to facilitate your process.  Call for more information on how they can heal.  

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Plantation, FL 33324

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